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    gas tank question

    The 36 gal. tank was an option. I took one out of a 75' or 76' van, to install in my 72' maxi Van, but it would not fit (frame was different). Also, my tank (26 gal.) was metal and the 36 gal. was poly.
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    What to purchase?

    I thought this was a Dodge site!!!!! I would not trade my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500, Cummins 5.9, 24 valve, truck for either of these two. I bought new and have 200,000 miles on it and hope I will get another 200,000. If you are not doing a lot of towing, the 2500 is a great truck. The dually works...
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    gas tank question

    Depends on the style of truck. Short bed, long bed or Dually. Some had two tanks. You should have a build sheet or sticker somewhere that may tell you the size. All else fails, run or drain the tank and fill it up.
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    Converter recomendation

    Some of the better converter companies will build you a custom one that fit your needs. They factor in HP, tranny, cam and rear end gearing. I had a 72' Dodge B300 Van, that I installed a 70' 340 and kept the stock converter and it worked Great. Had it for over 30 years.
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    What size lug nuts did the 3/4 tons have in the 70's? Been a very long time since having one.....

    During the 70's I believe the question was on the 3/4 ton dodge trucks lug nut size was. Two sizes depending on the GVW and axle used. 8 3/4 used the smaller 1/2" and the Dana 60 (safely axles) used the larger nuts. The one tons B300 (vans) and trucks all had the Dana 60's. I had both in Vans. I...
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    77 3/4 ton 8 lug what wheels will fit

    I had special ordered 15x10 and 15x8.5 US Indy mags on my 72' B300 Sportsman Van, which came with 16.5 rims. Had to use 1/2 inch spacers and grind a little off the calipers on the front. The rear worked as bought for the Dana 60. They worked for 35 years until I just last year sold it. Installed...