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    FOR SALE 1974 Dodge Adventurer Power Wagon

    1974 Dodge short box Adventurer Power Wagon up for auction June 5-7,2023. Auction is in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Truck is a 360, automatic, power steering,power brakes, 2 new tires, other tires are shot. I’m the second owner and truck has been sitting for years. Lots of rust in usual places...
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    New member from Alberta, Canada

    Yes the fenders are on hinges.
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    New member from Alberta, Canada

    Picked up this Dodge 800 lately. Have A 1974 Dodge adventurer power wagon (needs restoration), 98 Dodge 4x4 diesel and a 2011 Duramax
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    New member 1955 Dodge

    Welcome from Alberta, Canada. nice truck
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    New member 1955 Dodge

    Nice truck. Welcome from Alberta, Canada