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    2018 wheel speed sensor

    So if a front wheel speed sensor fails, and it won't come out, and it won't drill out or pry out, and you don't want to damage the bearing, axle, or magnet...this is what you get.
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    Spark plugs

    I put the same type of Champions that it shipped with back in. Champion 9407 RER8ZWYCB4 is the correct number I think.
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    Spark plugs

    Back in the day I bought a new Jeep Sport for the wife. A '92. 59 1/2 miles each way to work and back. Didn't take long for it to get to 325000. One day she came home, closed the door and said I want a new car. She figured out it was never gonna break down. We gave it to one of the kids. She and...
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    Spark plugs

    Easy boys. I do get around. As a matter of fact I anticipate being in Springfield, Mo. later today. My 2020 GMC is right around 26,000 or so. The car I bought a long while back, that I figured was a throwaway car, has about 220,000 give or take. '06 Cobalt As my dad used to say when we were all...
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    Spark plugs

    Just for fun I drove these until a code popped up. Original Champions. 2018 3500 Ram 220,000 miles
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    Truck tire recommendations

    Boat Ramp Fails Public Group | Facebook Join these guys and see if they can give you some input. I kept a small block magnum in the back of my notoriously light cargo van. No problem on any ramp with any tires. I just avoided snow or ice.
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    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: magnumdart

    I have a Dart, a Charger, and a 2018 Ram Promaster with 82000 miles. Location: Rogers, Arkansas