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  1. pastmind

    American cars vs japanese cars vs european cars????

    I agree. Reason why I also like japan made cars is because of the value. You can get a pretty much high quality engine that can also compete with american made cars.
  2. pastmind

    BakFlip Tonneau Covers

    Problem with my mini truck is I have an extender https://www.subarupartspros.com/part-ymm/2006-subaru-baja-bed-extender.html and we don't have enough tonneau. Owner of baja and it just sucks that there are few aftermarket covers for us.
  3. pastmind

    How to Super Clean Your Windshield

    clay bar? what I use is oil to really magnet the dirt and use some cotton buds for the hard to reach places.
  4. pastmind

    My life in Finland!

    Would you use your truck for something? In my case, I do off-road and I also use this in our farm so I would recommend ram.
  5. pastmind

    Interior fabric

    Then try sms auto fabrics
  6. pastmind

    Just some trucks I seen lately

    The 3rd picture from the 1st post looks like a live/actual version of the best friend of Mcqueen in the movie cars.
  7. pastmind

    Cab climb/pull in/up bars/handles???

    Maybe just get a stainless steel bar and just DIY it.
  8. pastmind


    If you are using the bed to transport large objects for work/business then don't. Installed a mopar box Genuine Ram RamBox Cargo Management - 82212966 | RamsAreUs just for security than using a tonneau cover so things won't just roll when I press the brake. Usually, what I put there are my golf...
  9. pastmind

    Dodge true spirit

    Your 1977 dodge reminds me to also like blue cars. Been having black or silver cars since my college days but this blue really looks a true Mopar fan.
  10. pastmind

    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: pastmind

    Just another human being. Location: KS