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    converting a non AC truck to AC

    That was my next thought.
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    converting a non AC truck to AC

    The only 2 other things that have to do with controlling fan speed would be the blower motor resistor and the switch in the control panel
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    converting a non AC truck to AC

    Rheostat? Only place I know of where there would be one of those is the headlight switch, the summer portion. Are you wanting a headlight switch?.
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    Dash removal 85 d150

    Got my heater box ready for action, dash came out easier than I thought it might, but discovered some body work on the cab that I wasn't thinking about or counting on having to do.
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    converting a non AC truck to AC

    Ok update in case anyone* might* care (maybe doing the same to their truck?) Got my heater box rebuilt, had to replace the foam on the recirc doors for both boxes (I got 2 good ones from the 3 boxes I had and basically 1 heater box worth of "junk" parts ..) I just put the 2nd one back together...
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    Got a question about the 80s d series I don't think so but did any of them come with a factory tach?
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    2003 4.7 MOTOR

    Yup I played Hell finding a newer dodge truck with less than 4 doors... And that stupidly short bed they all have now. I wound up with an ex Fastenal truck, a '12. It has the first 4.7 in it I have ever owned and only because I can't get a 318 in anything that new.... So far so good, but I have...
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    Reviving an 87 D150

    I'm just now in the process of acquiring parts and pulling the dash out of my 85 to convert it from factory non ac to factory ac .... currently just short a couple of parts. I have 3 factory ac heater plenum boxes from 80s dodge trucks, one is definitely parts only/because the housing is bad/I...
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    Where's the love?

    What kind of " junk" parts id among the piles for dodge trucks?
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    Where's the love?

    I got rid of my 99 because the frame looked iffy by the passenger side front leaf spring hanger area where the 2 sections of frame are riveted together along with spring hanger bracket. Still have the 96, been looking at replacement winter beaters but everything I'm seeing below about $3g is in...
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    78 Dodge d150 carburetor adjustment questions

    Opened up the fuel jet? Huh? You mean idle screws? That won't change a thing for starting. When the motor is dead cold next time, take the air cleaner housing off, grab throttle shaft and snap it wide open, let it shut and watch the choke butterfly, see what it does. Does it snap shut?
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    New electric Ram

    Not at all interested in an oversized golf cart
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    78 Dodge d150 carburetor adjustment questions

    Why do you say that? They are barely open at idle. Put a tach on it to measure rpm? Have to work back n forth between mixture adjust and rpm. Get a vacuum gauge and a tach adjust back n forth between mixture screws (little changes at a time) til it's smoothest and highest vacuum you can get...
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    Hydraulic clutch master cylinder mount?

    Another question..... Is the clutch pedal the same for a truck with factory hydraulic activation vs a truck with conventional mechanical linkage style activation? Hopefully someone else out there is still reading this thread..... Have to look at the kids truck and see what his clutch fork...
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    converting a non AC truck to AC

    Digging up an old thread of mine. Getting closer, still buying up parts for this thing as they become available. I just got (2) NOS Mopar reman AC clutch and coils "just" for a /6 with the C171 (it isn't sanden) for less than most wanted for 1. And a reman c171 compressor, bought yesterday...
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    Manufacturers recommended oil

    Won't matter what they thought back then (Ford that was) 1. Warranty is over, a lot of their recommendations are "CYA" driven 2. Today's oils are not the same as oils from then. Different additives and such than were available then. 3. Fresh rebuild, tolerances may be different from new...
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    Hydraulic clutch master cylinder mount?

    Yup the Bell housing I have also has that.... More wondering about the other end (master cyl on firewall) I don't remember the fork I got with my pile having that rearward bend
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    WANTED Auto brake pedal

    Will have one soon from my 85, I'm going the other way.