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    WANTED Door mirrors

    Check the Tin Grille Dodge Part group on FB. Someone posted a parts lot and there a bunch of these mirrors on the pile.
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    I was bumping your thread so some one might see it and help you. Clearly you need help.
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    WANTED Mirrors

    Keep an eye out on eBay. These mirrors are getting harder to find.
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    1976 Dodge clubcab

    Nice truck. Lots of work on those floors. I just did the same task in my club cab a couple weeks ago.
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    Nope, no here. No Fords in the garage.
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    Newb to FTO 77 Power Wagon

    The truck has the original dealership placard on the rear, says Concord, NC. Anything’s possible.
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    Newb to FTO 77 Power Wagon

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    Newb to FTO 77 Power Wagon

    I just joined up here, I’m a regular member over on FBBO. Looks like a lot of the same usernames here and there. Just picked up this 77 PW out of NC a couple weeks ago. Haven’t had time to really go through it yet with the holidays.