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  1. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Offy Small Block Intake Manifold

    Offy duel plane “360” intake manifold, 273-318, it’s in good shape however a small piece on the edge of the carb pad by the one of the studs is chipped. It’s not into the threads. Came off a running 318 that had no sealing issues. $135.00 plus shipping. Shipping on a small aluminum manifold...
  2. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    I’ll send it out Tuesday
  3. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    My Paypal is dartzpartz@hotmail.com
  4. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    The shipping is $22.00 USPS FLAT RATE. Send as a friend or include the PP fee with payment. Your call. Again, the glass on one mirror broke. The last sport mirror I replaced was $8.00 from a glass shop. $122.00 for item and shipping plus $6.10 PP fee
  5. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    My PP is dartzpartz@hotmail.com Are you in Canada?
  6. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    Yes, I’m on the road right now and won’t be home until Monday
  7. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    Plus shipping
  8. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    I can
  9. dart4forte

    Seats for a B4B

    Looking for some ideas on a comfortable seat for my pilot house. Any ideas or examples out there?
  10. dart4forte

    Which oil to use.

    Rotella-T, 15-40, I use a zinc additive at oil change. I’ve learned over the years that using full synthetic in a high mileage motor is asking for oil leaks.
  11. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Sport Mirrors

    Dodge sport mirrors, chrome is nice, no pits. Unfortunately the glass broke. Easily replaceable. Base brace plates withgaskets included. The single base is being sold separately.
  12. dart4forte

    I got a new tool

    Amazon shows one for $44.00
  13. dart4forte


    Looking for the DODGE hood script for a 74 D100
  14. dart4forte

    WANTED Seat Belt buckle cover

    Not trying to string you alone but we are looking for a pair of buckles. Might have that odd pair in storage.
  15. dart4forte

    WANTED Seat Belt buckle cover

    I checked and we have them however very few. Im checking to see if we can spare a couple. We are in the seatbelt restoration business and depend on cores to build our belts. If we only have a few we probably won’t be able to spare a couple
  16. dart4forte

    WANTED Seat Belt buckle cover

    We may have a pair
  17. dart4forte

    FOR SALE Dodge D-100 or D-150 wanted

    There’s a really clean 79 Step side 4wd for sale here in Mesa AZ.
  18. dart4forte

    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    Not mine but gotta luv the color
  19. dart4forte

    Camo test