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    Tired Of Trouble Shooting.

    Easy way to find a gasket leak in any intake system: Way back when ( I,m Old) on non electronic carbed vehicles you simply put your hand over the carb. to try and "cut off" some air (at any RPM that the problem was occuring) if Rpm increased it was LEAN at that point. we took the Choke and...
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    Tonneau or Cap what should I get??

    So when the cover is rolled up those cross bars come out? Or am I confused? Do you have a video on your site showing that?? the video I watched shows the cross bars removed while the assembly is retracted but not what, if any, a project that is to do.
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    Been a while

    AH but most four doors are only 4-4.5 ft beds. Your kid bicycle won't even fit in them!
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    Tonneau or Cap what should I get??

    For me, and I do not know the price, it appears to be a good idea. BUT If I am "opening up" my bed by either removal or fold/roll up that cover it is because I am hauling/want to haul a lage object. Suck as a snow thrower - handle bars, motorcycle - mine is "Dresser" side - taller than evem the...
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    Converter recomendation

    Here is what I did for the 66 satellite. I called ATI Racing. They will send you a sheet of paper ( or can got to site and fill a questionaire out on line). they will build you one, They wiil know what to do about stall speed, convertor Dia. ETC.
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    Lets see your Dodge trucks! Post some Pic's!

    Just ( AUG. 3rd, 2022)drove my Victory from home -Waterford NY- to Drive Pro in WV to by a truck to replace my Dakota that I bought new. When got there loaded the bike in the Ram and headed home. Just under 900 total miles two sit down food stops ( one down - one back) Three fuel stops for the...
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    cann't figure how to mark it sold
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    SOLD 2002 Dakota Club Cab

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    Products we use, not made for vehicles.

    Believe it or not DAWN Dish Soap.
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    Gooseneck on a SWB?

    This is a general answer to an old forum: The reason to HAVE, not less than but HAVE 10% of your towing weight on the tow vehicle is to HELP CONTROL/STOP trailer sway. Go on you tube all those videos you see of the trailer waving back and forth is because too much of the weight is to far back...
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    I believe that answering that question will be NEAR IMPOSSIBLE, as I am sure one one has used all service locations, and all service location can make mistakes, just like you and I do. It's what they do after/if a mistake was made. Go to a few in your area and talk to the people leaving the shop...
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    Break In Oil or no break oil???

    Agree they do not NEED high zinc, but most engine builders use it for startup, once everything "broken in" first 15-30minutes at 2,000 RPM, then 50-100 miles on the road. I would use what the cam shaft/lifter manufacture recommends .
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    gas tank question

    you may be able to go on line and get a build sheet for it?? Some manufactures still will print one but that could cost a few bucks?
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    Been a while

    The reason so many are white is that people like me that do not mind power window, BUT just do not want to buy the $6000 "option package" that has 50 other things included in that "option Package". I head straight for the "fleet" truck and order what I want. "option pachages" include much...
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    Parts list help

    Hemmings Motor news, Andy Berubaum Auto parts, Roberts Auto parts, Desert Valley Auto Parts. Many more, the Hemmings catalog will have the biggest list of places, the other I put up are places.
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    How to do accurate insurance valuation on limited edition truck?

    You do not need to "negotiate" with them. Hagerty is an "antique car/truck" insurer, So Is Grundy. I use Grundy for my 66 Satellite even though it is "modified".(689HP/675lbft). Usually you can insure for what you want to pay for. Some have limits on when, where, and for what purpose it can be...
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    Tail light rebuilding 62 D100

    10 Type in Vintage dodge truck parts: you will come up with places like: Andy Berubaum auto parts, Roberts Motor Parts, etc 2) Hemmings Motor News For list of suppliers couintry wide. #0 Desert Valley Auto Parts, AZ. 4) join a vintage/antique dodge car and/or truck club, for members...
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    Large Horn on '99 F350

    Did ya get what you were after?? I'm kind of late to the answer but any local auto parts store (o Rielly's,NAPA,Autrozone, ETC) should have or can get an AIR HORN kit. most even as high as 125db are less than $80. Or you can get those "TRAIN SOUND" ones for around $200.
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    96 Dakota headlights

    Go to "Cyclops Adventure Sports", That have a replacement LED bulb to but in the existing headlamp. housing.Just take your 9007's out these in! PLUG & PLAY Be careful on install as you need to follow directions in order to get the cut off line of the beam set correctly. It is actuall simple BUT...
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    Been a while

    I have two in my flip phone. but have no idea what buttons to push to get out and put them here> Will be headed back to school (drive bus part time) I will ask one of my third graders. I can send it to a phone BUT? they you would have to put it here! Jerry