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  1. Tincup

    FOR SALE Dodge D100 Switches and Cables

    Basically all the parts from the dash...let me know what you need.
  2. Tincup

    WANTED Dodge Sweptside Defrost Vent

    I'm looking for 1 defrost vent for my 67D100, any help would be appreciated..
  3. Tincup

    Wanted Dodge Sweptline Wiper Posts

    I'm looking for two wiper posts for a sweptline. I'd prefer the large 5/8" style ( not sure what year they switched over). Let me know what you have..
  4. Tincup

    Dodge Inner Fender 61-71

    Tincup posted a new classified: Dodge Inner Fender 61-71 61 - 71 Dodge Rt. Inner Fender (Rust Free ) Read more about the classified...
  5. Tincup

    67 D100 Parts

    Tincup posted a new classified: 67 D100 Parts Starting my 67 D100 build soon, Lot's of Extra Parts Read more about the classified...
  6. Tincup

    Tincup's D100

    OK guy's this is the start of my D100 build thread. It will be a little slow at first because I'm finishing up painting a 65 Dodge Dart for a friend of mine. I'm not going to start on my truck until thats done, should be around Oct. the latest. Here is a pic of the truck as is, it's a really...
  7. Tincup

    The introduction of Tincup

    Hi, My name is Mike and I'm a car-aholic. Seriously, I have been a member over on FABO for over 6 years and have enjoyed the comradery that the forum has provided. If it wasn't for the great guy's over there, I would have had a much harder time building my 63 Hemi Dart GT. Now that my car is...