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    FOR SALE LA 360 rear sump pan & motor mounts

    Rear sump oil pan with pickup tube and 2wd motor mounts for LA 360 $150. + shipping from Wills Point, Texas 75169 carrier of your choice. Payment by postal money order only. PM me here if interested. Thanks!
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    WANTED Need 440 rear sump oil pan

    Looking for a factory rear sump oil pan for a big block 383-440. Preferably with pickup tube and dipstick assy. PM me here if you have any of this. Thanks FTO for the ad space.
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    WANTED WTB mid 80s z-bar brackets

    I need 2 each of the z-bar brackets that bolt to the floor (firewall) under the clutch pedal. I need 2 of the inside reinforcement plate and 2 of the bracket that it bolts to on the outside. Could use a couple of z-bars too. Either PM me here or email at moparsrmylife (at) yahoo (dot) com I have...
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    WANTED 72-93 Dodge clutch & brake pedal pads

    Looking to buy either new or good used condition clutch & brake pedal rubber pads (factory part number 3492833) Please have pics and price. PM me here or email moparsrmylife (at) yahoo (dot) com Thanks!