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  1. Rusty Junk

    08 Expedition

    Well I am a person that has always kept his vehicle ready to go, that is go anywhere condition. But this last week I got my Ford stuck in the driveway. Now this thing has narly 285/70/17 Goodyears and I'm stuck in 4" of snow with no action from the front wheels. After digging the 6000 lbs...
  2. Rusty Junk

    What pickup to build?

    I'm pondering just what pickup to build, I like the 72 through 93 short box or 94 through 01 short box. Also on the list is the early flat nose Dakota short box, any thing I put together will get a 440 but the trans type is open. I will add this will be 2wd and a daily driven strip runner. What...
  3. Rusty Junk

    Retired bodyman/painter just saying Hello!

    I thought I would stop and introduce myself as I hadn't done it yet. After 45 years of paint and metal work I retired in 2016 only to work on my projects and raise my grandson. In the early years I worked for Jon kosmoski at House of Kolor in Minneapolis Minnesota then I bought a shop in Iowa...