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  1. 65 sporty

    Hello from Rockford IL

    Welcome from the Mitten
  2. 65 sporty

    The newest FNG here! yay me

    Welcome from the Mitten, a build thread will be great
  3. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    Lots of coffee this morning, my brother is here from Iowa. My baby boy is getting married today. She is a great girl.
  4. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Beautiful sunny morning, my baby boy is getting married today :)
  5. 65 sporty

    Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2020 Truck Pictures

    Thanks for the pics, almost as good as being there.
  6. 65 sporty


    Welcome from another Michigander
  7. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    It's been getting into the 50's at night this week. High 70's for tomorrow with sun
  8. 65 sporty

    Newbie here, hello to you all.

    Welcome from the Mitten
  9. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Rained yesterday and most of today. The grass is loving it, it's green again.
  10. 65 sporty

    Rochester Quadrajet problem

    When set up right they are a great carb. I would pull it apart, change out the float and put in a kit.
  11. 65 sporty

    How to remove plug for fuel pump pushrod

    That was going to be my other suggestion. Glad it all worked out.
  12. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    We have had some nice weather. Beautiful day today, not too hot, 80's and low humidity. Great night to finish our softball season.
  13. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    If you can find a deck it would be great for a small yard
  14. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    @LocuMob Scott are you sure about the PTO? 8hp doesn't seem like a lot of hp for a PTO. When it cooled down Sat night I weeded around these rose bushes and flowers, we transplanted them when we moved this spring. They are doing good, better than the tulips we transplanted. The tulips should...
  15. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Take a closer look, I did a google search of a 102 and I don't think that is it.
  16. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Hot and humid today, good day for a nap and indoor work
  17. 65 sporty

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    One cup to get me started, mowed most of the lawn, went to a friends daughters graduation party. Later in the afternoon we went to our churches annual water baptism. I am blessed to be able to take part in the baptism, I dunk the people with another guy, total body immersion, no forehead...
  18. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Mid 80's today, sunny with a slight breeze. Great day for some yard work
  19. 65 sporty

    Would the 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0 Starter Be The Same For The Auto As Manual?

    Welcome from another Michigander, I am just north of you Marlette/Kingston area. To answer your question, yes they are different from manual to auto trans. To find this kind of info I usually use Rock Auto.
  20. 65 sporty

    short bed questions

    Magnum motor with 46RH, better than the TBI and wouldn't want to go carb LA.