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  1. mopops

    idle issue

    2002 s 10 xtreme 4.3 5spd loping idle rpm s vary from idle to 3000 - will pickup speed in gear or neutral push in clutch goes back to normal idle let clutch out problem starts again IAC replaced TPS replaced no air leaks any help please
  2. mopops

    air bag light

    air bag light stays on 2002 s10 any ideas? thanks
  3. mopops

    s 10 drain hose

    2002 s 10 xtreme 4.3 manual 2wd -- at the bottom between bell housing and trans i have a 5/8" hose sticking out that drips oil- can 't find it in repair book--not engine oil---what am i looking at?? thanks
  4. mopops


    I have a 2002 s-10 2wd with xtreme wheels and want to go to a steel wheel - what rims will fit this truck - was told 4wd won't work? thanks for any help
  5. mopops

    s10 computer set

    2002 s10 xtreme 4.3 -truck been sitting dead battery i now have 130 miles on it and computer not ready to set evap & cats no codes and engine light not on need to get it inspected in two days anybody have an idea to solve this? thanks
  6. mopops

    motor swap

    early dakota 2wd 5spd with 3.9 to 1972 5.2 can i swap the motor and use the trans and what ever else i know i need mounts, headers, any help thanks mopops
  7. mopops

    INtroducing New Member: mopops

    have mopar trucks 41 sedan delivery 2001 dakota 2002 s 10 xtreme i like them all Location: wappingers fls ny