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  1. snate66

    Possible "new" old truck....

    Been looking at a mid 70's w250 with some rust but straight. Any incites as to what to look for or avoid? Not familiar with some aspects of the full time 4wd.
  2. snate66

    Dakota bed patch metal?

    any sources out there for options? I found the wheel arches and wheel well pieces but no listing for Dakota bed floor. only need a couple small patches.
  3. snate66

    Winter beater/ high mileage Dakota

    I'm looking for advice or cautionary tales of what to look for and scrutinize on a 200K+ Dakota. after my nice, shiny, clean, straight 04 Dakota was totaled on the HI way... I'm feeling truck less and want to pick up something cheaper to keep me moving and hauling. I've looked around and find...
  4. snate66

    frame damage

    Well they wanna Total the 04 Dakota. did a doe-see-doe with a few cars last week on the freeway. Didn't hit anyone.... but the center divider finally stopped me. it didn't feel like it hit that hard.
  5. snate66

    Dakota Front hub and bearing choices.

    Well its time to look at front wheel bearing on the 04 Dakota 4wd. I am sporting some larger 285 BFG all terrains and was wondering if stock or aftermarket front wheel bearings would be best. Rock auto has the Mopar replacements and MOOG as well as all the " economy" choices. guess which one...
  6. snate66

    Step/nerf bars? suggestions?

    So the new Dakota(04) quad cab has a bit of a lift on it and I feel like I might need to add something. Any good suggestion on favorite brands or styles? Cheap Ebay ($97) ones pop up on a quick search but obviously ya get what ya pay for!
  7. snate66

    Introducing FTO's Newest Member: snate66

    Hey folks, Thought I would sign up for the Trucks forum since I'm in the market to get back into a truck this fall. I sold the 98 2500 Ram V10 service body a couple of years ago since the business shut down and I am just punching the clock now. But I would like to get back into a Dakota. I...