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  1. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    70's today, partly cloudy, slight breeze, nice day even though I had to work, but we had the doors open
  2. 65 sporty

    1984 D100 225 to 318 z bar issues

    Nice project, just spit balling here but is the z bar the same between the 225 and the 318? If you push the ball stud in until is bottoms out your still too long?
  3. 65 sporty

    '98 2500 Starting Issues

    When was the last time it had a tune up?
  4. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Sunny and mid 60's today, the whole week is supposed to be nice. The farmers are hard at it while the weather is nice
  5. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Sunny and in the 60's today, grass mowing has started for the season.
  6. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Sun was out today, low 60's. We opened the doors at the shop for a while
  7. 65 sporty

    New member helping my kid

    Welcome, nice project
  8. 65 sporty

    1990 Ram 3/4 Ton 5.9 Cummins

    Rock Auto shows 2 different ones, I don't know if they are correct though https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,1990,d250+pickup,5.9l+359cid+l6+diesel+turbocharged,1086050,interior,accelerator+cable,5892
  9. 65 sporty

    New to this site .

    Welcome from the Mitten
  10. 65 sporty

    Wiring diagrams for a 88

    Are you looking for wiring diagrams?
  11. 65 sporty

    New member

    Welcome from the Mitten
  12. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Yesterday was nice, I got my lawn work started. Today started out nice, then some rain moved in, a little sun and now that it's dark some rain came back.
  13. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Snowed yesterday, dropped about 3"s. Just about all of it is gone today. The forecasted temps are going to be up and down
  14. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Hit 70 today and had light rain
  15. 65 sporty

    Reviving an 87 D150

    I always use a steel straight edge and check with a .003 feeler gauge, make sure the gauge won't slide between the straight edge and the head. Watch this video
  16. 65 sporty

    It is starting

    Thunderstorms rolled through this morning, sun came out later and the temps were in the 60's. We had the doors open at the shop for a while
  17. 65 sporty

    Dual Tank info.

    Sharp truck, looks like a aftermarket add on fuel tank
  18. 65 sporty

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome from the Mitten
  19. 65 sporty

    Reviving an 87 D150

    Depending on the amount of nylon that is broken off the timing gear I would pull the oil pan, it will find it's way to the oil pickup screen. While the heads are off have then check for flatness and milled if needed