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    Perkins diesel

    Got a question for the experts. If I put a turbo on this engine how do I add to add more fuel since more air will be going in? Will the normal fuel injection pump be enough?
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    WANTED 440 oil panp

    I missed the one guys pan for sale that he had for sale last year (too late as usual) so I’m still looking for one, pan-pickup-dipstick and tube to fit 2x4 79 truck.
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    Wiring for lockup-overdrive trans from a 01 truck

    I want to use the trans out of a 01 pickup in my 79 IF there’s something made aftermarket to get it to work. Anything out there? Also have a trans out of a 92 which ever would be better.
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    WANTED Big block Oil pan and engine mounts

    Looking for 383 engine mounts and oil pan got a 79 truck