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  1. K

    Shifting linkage

    The 79 d100 I just purchased has no shifting linkage .it was auto .on the column originally.and I would like to put it back.on the column.could someone tell me what year trucks parts would interchange with the 79? It would be helpful in locating the correct parts.The Haynes manual dose not...
  2. K

    New from southwest Florida

    Just picked up a 79 adventure project slant six truck .I want to swap it to 318. .I'm retired and have few other Mopar cars, a 51 Plymouth Cambridge hardtop.and 76 Plymouth scamp hard top .I'm sure I'll be asking for help to sources parts for the 79 .
  3. K

    1979 d100 engine bracket ?

    I recently picked up a 79 d100 that was originally a slant six has no motor now ,i'm going to swap to 318 LA 904 trans.I'm looking to purchase a pair of correct 318 engine bracket . If any one has a part number .or knows someone that may have bracket's I would appreciate the help.thank you