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  1. 69 GTX

    Has anyone put a NV4500 in a 80's 4x4?

    I have a 85 W350 that I'd like to replace the 4 spd with a NV4500 5 speed. Looking to see what specifically needs to be changed/altered. I know the slave cylinder will need addressed. Thinking I need one out of a 3/4-1 ton 4x4 V8 gas truck if I've read correctly. Any input greatly...
  2. 69 GTX

    Wanted 8" 8x6.5 wheels prefer 16" or 17"

    Looking for some rims for my 85 W350 4x4. Looking for some slots or turbine wheels. Looking for a retro look. Wagon wheels would work too. Looking to mount 235-45/85 tires. Tall but not wide. Thanks Tim