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    Ignition Problems

    I am in need of some help. I have my 1980 Dodge D150. 318 - 4 speed with air. This has been going on for months. When I start it up in the morning I notice that the alternator is not charging and the tac is jumping all over the place. So I shut it off and bingo. I try to start it and it has...
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    Transmission Swap

    Howdy, I haven't been on in a long time. My buddy, has a question about an Tranny swap. I am only going by what he is asking. He has a 1983 D150 with a 318 and 904 trans. He also has a 1989 D150, 318 with a A-500 trans. The 500 Tranny has an overdrive unit on it. He states that the...
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    WANTED A/C relays for a 1980 d150

    Hello, I have been looking for the relays for my a/c unit. It must be specific to the 1980 model d150 truck with air. There are two relays on the drivers side inside fender. one for a/c compressor and the other I believe is for the WOT compressor cut out. I really need these two relays. The...
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    Need Info on A/C Relays

    Morning, Lets see if I can explain this in one shot. I have my 1980 D150 318 4 speed. I am in the process of hooking the A/C back up. I have everything needed to do so, except. on the drivers side inner fender, I have two 3 prong plugs which I believe need relays to work the A/C properly...
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    Larry's Rat Bike Garage

    This is what I do when I'm bored. Sell a few, but do it for pleasure. I'm on to putting carpet in the 1980. Also bought headers, exhaust kit, mufflers. Going to custom build the exhaust when time permits. Happy Holidays to all.
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    A/C On My 80 D150 318 4 SP

    Need some input on what it takes to convert my a/c system over to 134. I have taken everything off the truck, but have it. Someone told me it was not a big deal to make the change over to 134 but others seem to disagree. What the real scoop guys? I'm not on here a lot, so leave me some...
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    Where did they go?

    Where are the updates on 56hemitruck and Tincups progress. I haven't seen anything for some time. Man I need to see these trucks done and pic's. This may be the wrong place to post, but I got to start somewhere.
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    1980 A/C Condensor / Truck

    Hello again, I am looking for a A/C condenser for my truck. The one I have has broken lines on it. I'm not sure , but it could possibly be repaired. I can't find a new one, so I am wondering if anyone knows what years would have the same configuration as far as line hook up goes. Junk...
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    4 speed shifter knob

    High guys, I am trying to get the round knob off of my original shifter in my 1980 d150. I just can't figure it out! It looks like it has a nut below the ball but I can't move it. It should be easy, but I guess it's not! HELP!!
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    Is a Stop Sign Really Necessary?

    What's Up Guy's and Gal's, My profession has been driver training for large vehicles. School Buses, Tractor Trailer etc for over 25 years. Dealing with classroom instruction and behind the wheel. I've been around and am not a youngster! I have millions of miles in Tractor Trailers and School...
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    1980 D150 Can it be lowered?

    Hello, I have a few general questions. First, I have dual headlights on my truck, but I see other 1980's with singles? What's up with that? I want to lower mine but As you know the axle is beneath the springs. I can't see lowering via shackles on the back, or is that how it is done? It is a...
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    The introduction of oldfolksmopar

    Hello, Tag on toe says Larry. I am on FBBO mostly but sold my car and now only have my 1980 Dodge D150 to fool around with. Thought I would see what's happening with the old truck scene. Later!! Location: Speedway, IN