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  1. Polara_500

    It is starting

    Hot and dry for too many days in a row.
  2. Polara_500

    New truck!

    Love it!
  3. Polara_500

    From Abodies to Trucks.

    Most likely, unless a /6, then likely an A904. If it's an automatic..
  4. Polara_500

    A reminder to everyone about posting personal details

    Yeah, save those details for PM's.
  5. Polara_500

    It is starting

    You've been paying too close attention, grasshopper. Time to get busy. :angelic:
  6. Polara_500

    FOR SALE ***Wanted*** Dodge pick-up

    I've got one, but Minnesota is a long way from being a surrounding state.
  7. Polara_500

    Big block brake booster questions

    I didn't look at any pics, but when I did I agree with the loco dude....... :cool:
  8. Polara_500

    Big block brake booster questions

    Yes, the big block trucks used a smaller diameter booster.
  9. Polara_500

    It is starting

    Please accept my condolences also, losing a parent is never easy.
  10. Polara_500

    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    Got 'em installed yet? :angelic:
  11. Polara_500

    Brake booster

    God's country out there.
  12. Polara_500

    It is starting

    Happy Birthday - Hope you win big!!!! :bananaweed:🥳
  13. Polara_500

    New To The Trucks From TN

    Wish I lived along your route, I'd offer a checkpoint if needed. Hope it works out for you.
  14. Polara_500

    j clamp bed cover

    So you're really looking for a complete bed cover? I misunderstood. I have to ask why you'd want another if the first blew away, though. I had one that blew loose once, I repaired it and a year later it blew loose again in a crosswind. That time I replaced it with a different one that locks...
  15. Polara_500

    j clamp bed cover

    No I don't, but do you have a photo of the clamp? I have a few laying around.
  16. Polara_500

    New To The Trucks From TN

    I'm not familiar with that specific area, but I'd comb the online yellow pages or the like and look for one of those hourly shop rentals, many of the larger cities seem to have a place where you can rent a stall for an hour or three with access to air and maybe some tools too. Good luck
  17. Polara_500

    FOR SALE Wanted 72-80 Dodge truck

    Wow, that didn't take long. Enjoy!
  18. Polara_500

    It is starting

    Congrats - a milestone worth celebrating.
  19. Polara_500

    89 d100 fuel sending unit

    This is what mine looks like.