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  1. Polara_500

    FOR SALE Not Mine 73 D100 $500

  2. Polara_500

    W250 front axle rebuild?

    I'll be the first to admit I know next to nothing about 4wd vehicles, so with that in mind, do I pay someone or test my aptitude and/or fortitude? The subject is an 87 W250, 360/NP435 with I believe a 44 front axle w/CAD (although the CAD has been replaced with a Posi-Lock which I was able to...
  3. Polara_500

    Love this build..

    These folks have been bringing their truck down to our little car show here in town for several years now, just had this years' show and got some new photos to share with you folks. It's a 37 GMC built into a 3 door with a 5 wheel hitch and routinely drags a 28 foot 5th wheel to the shows it...
  4. Polara_500

    FOR SALE Not Mine - 75 440 W200 $1200

    75 dodge w100 powerwagon
  5. Polara_500

    Hey Hops

  6. Polara_500

    This dude is seriously twisted - I'd like to meet him.

    Plowboy Diesel’s ’70 Dodge Pickup Proves Two Cummins Diesels Are Better Than One
  7. Polara_500

    78 Dodge - Not Mine!

    1978 dodge fire truck
  8. Polara_500

    Hey Hops

    Looking at spiffing up an old distributor to swap out the old one in my 87 W250, converting it to a single pickup unit for simplicity and got a question or two - and since you're now our resident distributor 'spurt you're on the spot.. :D The FSM talks about lubing the governor springs...
  9. Polara_500

    Anybody ever replace a dual pickup distributor for single?

    Getting irritated with my 87 W250 w/360 NP435. Didn't run well when I bought it, part of the reason I got it real cheap, found out there had been a fire on the engine and been miswired when they fixed it so the run pickup wasn't connected at all and the start pickup was wired into the run mode...
  10. Polara_500


    Who has experience with these setups? Is there something better? 87 W250 w/360/NP435 Thanks, Mike
  11. Polara_500

    67 Dodge W200 for sale

    First off, this is not mine, just passing it along for anyone interested. I went to look at it a few days ago - a nice project at a decent price, (at least in my opinion). It has a 383/NP435 4 speed and twin stick transfer case. By the data tag it was a factory snow plow truck, but none of the...
  12. Polara_500

    Who's in need of a winter project?

    Okay, first off - this isn't mine. Does look like a decent start for not a lot of moola tho.... And the link........ 1949 Dodge 5 WINDOW pick up
  13. Polara_500

    Thinkful wishing........

    1960 dodge power wagon
  14. Polara_500

    Thanks, Mob!

    Thanks to Mob I got the parts I thought I needed for the mods I was doing on my 87 W250 alternator setup. Unfortunately once I had them I found I couldn't use them, or at least I wasn't pleased with the way everything lined up; so I ended up reverting to a version of what I'd removed...
  15. Polara_500

    Off the wall Diesel question for ya

    I am converting a 110 gallon service tank from gas to diesel, so let's say on first fill of the tank there's a little gas left in the bottom - how much contamination can say 50 gallons of diesel accommodate? In other words, how dry does it have to be to prevent issues with the end use...
  16. Polara_500

    And now for something a little different.

    I have a lot of yard cleanup to do, lots of stuff to haul to the landfill, recycling plant, etc.. When pricing dump trailers to rent it was obvious that would be the major cost involved and while I don't so much mind the work to load the "stuff", it gets onerous when you also have to manually...
  17. Polara_500

    SB truck alternator brackets.

    Got 'em, Thanks again, Mob!
  18. Polara_500

    A little carb help here?

    So I'm trying to resurrect an 87 W250 w/360/NP435 that had a non original Holley carb on it. I generally dislike Holleys, mostly due to my inability to tune them, but this one I actually had running decently before I discovered how bad the engine was.... At any rate, it was not what I consider...
  19. Polara_500


    Unlike the Muscle Car Series Stamps, the USPS' new Truck Stamps do not include a Dodge. There should be a pilothouse on one.
  20. Polara_500

    How are you celebrating the 4th?

    Pretty quiet up here, kids are coming up so will be a yardful of kids, grandkids and greatgrands for the day. Nothing much planned beyond the get together and a table full of food. Can't even cheat much on fireworks as the wheat field next door is so close to turning, may be pretty dumb...