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    Stop on in for a cup of coffee!

    Haha, another toolmanmike Mega thread. Already halfway through my coffee this morning :arghh: maybe a double day :happy:.
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    My '48 F1 project truck

    Looks like that's going to be a cool build. Good luck with it.
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    04 Explorer transmission

    It's a shop that my brother has do most of his transmission work. They've been far to me, LSJ Transmission Technologies in Dimondale. He told me on the last rebuild that it wouldn't be able to be done again. First rebuild was 62,800 miles in July 2006. Second was April 2014 with 140k miles...
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    04 Explorer transmission

    Rebuilt the original both times.
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    04 Explorer transmission

    Yeah it’s a 4wd. Probably more of a pipe dream than anything. It’s was the family vehicle from 04-14ish and my daily driver since then. Stupid automatic transmissions had issues from the 02-05? models. Like I mentioned previously, it’s been rebuilt twice over the years. Fortunately the 4.6 still...
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    04 Explorer transmission

    Actually it says both 2 & 4wd versions, but only with the 4.0 v6. Yeah, I bet it would be a big job.
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    04 Explorer transmission

    I did some looking around on that web thing and found that the 4.0 liter explorers could be had with a 5-speed manual. I’m a novice mechanic but a mechanic friend told me we could take the stick from a wrecked mustang and convert the explorer. My biggest problem at the moment is that the...
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    04 Explorer transmission

    Yeah that sucks. My 02, on second trans rebuild is doing the occasional slip or hanging going from 2nd to 3rd again. Just going to see how long it lasts. So far the engine has pushed at least three plugs out of the heads too. Still runs like a champ with 166k+ on the 4.6. I’m considering...
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    04 Durango 5.7 Limited

    Do you have a leak in the trans line. Just a suggestion, our 1998 olds intrigue my son is driving developed a leak in the trans line near the radiator (rusty old line). Since the system was sucking air in it was whining and not shifting well. After driving it that way a while, I talked to my...
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    My 2002 Explorer XLT.

    These pics are several years old but the truck still looks the same. Almost sold it at one point but decided to keep it. It has the 4.6 ltr V-8. Runs very good. MSD coil packs & new intake (damn plastic thing) last year. Other than the transmission (rebuilt twice now) and the rear wheel...
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    04 Explorer transmission

    Yeah, starting at least with my 2002, maybe earlier, they came up with some new plug and no dipstick. Yeah, it some kind of special tool you insert in the middle of the "drain plug" in the bottom of the pan. I can't remember exactly how it works, but what a pain. I guess they update the trans...
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    '01 Exployer Thermostat Housiing repair

    Wish I'd had seen this site a few years ago. I just replaced my intake on my 2002 explorer last year. Pain in the butt. The plastic and insulation underneath were all busted and falling apart. Funny though, I went to the a local oil change place for my routine oil change and right after that...
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    The introduction of Riverdawg

    Hi, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer 4.6ltr V8. 145k miles. Basically stock other than some appearance stuff and the replacement stereo. I'm a member on FBBO with my 65 Dodge Coronet.