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Hi my name is Phil and I live in France. I have traveled twice on the west end of the Route 66 from Flagstaff to Los Angeles. Last time was in 2015 and I had the chance to spend a day at the Pomona Swap Meet. At the beginning I was looking for VW Beetle and Bus because I like the sound of the Flat4 but finally I discovered that another great sound exists it is that of the V8. During the swap meet I saw many trucks with great patina at low price compare to an old VW and I said to myself that it would be cool to cruise in Normandy behind the steering wheel of an old truck.
I bought my first truck in 2016 for the 80th birthday party of my father. It is a Dodge D100 1958 with a V8 315ci, 4 manual speed, a long bed utiline and a great patina.It comes from Carson City, Nevada. This one is for my father because he loves the Route 66 but he don't want to take the plane so I said to him if you don't go to the Route 66, the Route 66 will come to you :)
This truck is very cool and I like to drive it but not as a daily driver. So I bought a second truck for me in 2017, it is a Dodge D100 Custom 1976 with a V8 360ci, 3 manual speed and a long bed utiline. It comes from Ellensburg, Washington. The front axle, the gear ratio, the power brakes and the power steering make the big difference between the 58.
I have a lot things to fix on the 76 so I will be happy to read the forum and discuss with trucks addicts :)

website : Dodge D100



Normandy, France
Truck(s) You Own
Dodge D100 V8 315ci Long Beg Utiline 1958
Dodge D100 V8 360ci Long Bed Utiline 1976 (sold to my sister)
Dodge D200 V8 360ci Camper9000 1975
Dodge D200 V8 360ci ClubCab 1976
Dodge Ramcharger V8 318ci 2WD 1979
Dodge Ramcharger V8 360ci 4WD 1977