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  1. multimopes

    New member

    Wow, beautiful, welcome aboard from NJ! I love those trucks. Best of luck with it!👍
  2. multimopes

    New member...old F-150's

    Welcome aboard from NJ. Sad story about the truck. Good luck with the repair job(s)!
  3. multimopes

    Little Rhode Island Mopar

    Welcome aboard from NJ. What kind of truck project are you working on? Pictures are always appreciated!
  4. multimopes

    New member in Southern California

    Ditto, and good luck with your search! :moparsmiley:
  5. multimopes

    Just joined from NY

    Welcome from NJ! Does yu gotz a truck?? :popcorn2:
  6. multimopes

    Hello from Rockford IL

    Welcome aboard from NJ. Nice Ram!
  7. multimopes

    The newest FNG here! yay me

    Welcome aboard from NJ. Please post up some pictures! :watching:
  8. multimopes


    Welcome aboard from NJ Erin. I always liked the 80's Dodge body styles myself; had an 82 Ramcharger 4x4 for over 23 years. Gave it to my brother who also liked them. Could you post up some pictures of your 84 for us? We are very visual here. :moparsmiley:
  9. multimopes

    Newbie here, hello to you all.

    Welcome aboard from NJ. Monaco is looking good and the D100 looks to be in good condition and a fun project. Best of luck with both! :moparsmiley:
  10. multimopes

    Just wanted to say hey y'all

    Welcome aboard from your neighbor in NJ.
  11. multimopes

    New Member from KS & Truck Club Info!

    Welcome aboard from NJ. Nice Truck!
  12. multimopes


    Welcome aboard from NJ. Truck looks good, you shouldn't have any problems selling it.
  13. multimopes

    New Member

    Beautiful Truck, nice work. I LOVE the aluminum slot wheels! Reminds me of (bear's) truck, from what I can remember. I am sure he would have appreciated it also! Best of luck with your toy and welcome aboard. By the way, you may not be but I am a Packer fan from waaaaay back! :smuggrin:
  14. multimopes

    New member

    Welcome aboard from NJ. Looks like a fun project; best of luck with it.
  15. multimopes

    New member

    Welcome aboard from NJ. I like your truck; quite a rare sight!