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  1. The Horvaths
  2. Tincup
    Tincup bear
    Hey Bear, were you at the Bridge Center show last weekend?
  3. jobrated_man
    Set aside the W200 to kind of clean up the 59 D100
  4. xenon
    Keep on truckin'
  5. warlockkid
    when i am 17 i plan on getting a 4 door 8"bed. i found one that is a 1978 with a 440 auto. anyone have any tips for me in what to look for?
  6. warlockkid
    I have a 1978 Dodge Warlock. I've been working on it since i was 12 and now i'm turning 16 in 3 weeks. Been a long process but worth it all.
    1. warlockkid
      it will have a 383 big block 2 wheel drive, drive train. cant figure out what kind of rims to put on it because i want 8 inch front rims and 10 inch back rims with kinda meaty tires not street tires. it will be only for cruising and car shows. i will park it ever winter.
      what would you guys recommend for rims and tires?
      May 24, 2017
  7. paul massaro
    paul massaro 70 Gladiator
    hey bud what on your mind ?
    1. 70 Gladiator
      70 Gladiator
      an '87 150 swb 4x2 has been on my mind. lol. Tried to buy it at auction today, but got outbid. How bout you?
      May 16, 2017
  8. 440BBram
    440BBram 85crewcabbie
    Yes very interested. shipping address 31005
  9. 89on35s
    Ready for the first nice weekend of spring!
  10. Richard Sweet
    LARRYSMOK Joeychgo
  12. LocuMob
    LocuMob 56hemitruck
    Happy birthday 56hemitruck, enjoy the day!
  13. multimopes
    multimopes Rugged Way
    Welcome from NJ. Nice looking truck you have there. How did you join without being in the welcome wagon?
  14. LocuMob
    LocuMob JAX.TRUX
    Happy Birthday!
  15. Ernie
    Ernie 1970swifty
    do you have the radiator core support and left door? if so what condition are the?
  16. BourneK1791
  17. Scoots
    93 Dak: work truck, parts incoming to turn pro tour/87 Dak: Drag project, mild 340, built A999 & 8 3/4 w-4.10 LS
  18. Daniel Putetti
    Daniel Putetti Joeychgo
    Great Site good information great people and fantastic TRUCKS
  19. steerstopper
  20. grizz
    grizz waffle
    looking forward to seeing your 57.