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  1. pgwagon1958
    pgwagon1958 Tommy1ton
    Great looking truck... I've been working on a 1958 Dodge Power Giant, W100
  2. cindybrat7
    cindybrat7 K-Note72
    No snow yet, very nice morning outside for now
  3. Tommy1ton
    Also just put together a 68 Dodge D-100 with a 64 poly 318, with a pushbutton transmission. It's cool.
  4. Suavecito80
    Suavecito80 jumbreit
    Hello, jumbreit, my name s Henry. I am having trouble looking for the sway bar end link. I saw your picture when you were rebuilding the front end and noticed you don't have the end link in place? the end link to mine has a very worn out stud where the bushing is. Any advice?
  5. stan saas
    stan saas kingofford88
    hello my name is STAN when i saw your location i had to ask VIETNAM do you live there - i served over there in 1970 - just curious
  6. Bigridge
    Bigridge Joeychgo
    Nevermind joe,
    I'm finding more info on here.
    Maybe I don't see the link because I'm on a mobile.
    I'm looking for something that says (make new post here).
    I'll find it before the truck bed rust through for sure. Lol
    1. Joeychgo
      its in the list of forums
      Aug 23, 2018
  7. Bigridge
    Bigridge Joeychgo
    Hey joe
    Where do I post my 77 dodge truck SWB Bed to sell?
    1. Joeychgo
      Maybe in the truck parts for sale forum?
      Aug 23, 2018
  8. barnfind
    Rip Rap Rippidy do
  9. Sunny Sun
    Sunny Sun
    Truck led light for free in return for Amazon review, anyone needs?
  10. cindybrat7
    cindybrat7 K-Note72
    Hey have you been getting hit with those afternoon thunder storms?
    1. K-Note72
      Sunday we had some lightning east of us, even had a quick shower pass through. Hot and sunny last couple days, this afternoon we had storms clouds build up but they just passed through
      Jun 21, 2018
      cindybrat7 likes this.
  11. Kendale k
    Kendale k
    Guessing they put w150 cab on d150 frame? Trans is a727 no transfer case
  12. Kendale k
    Kendale k
    Need a wireing harness for 85 Dodge 318. Not sure what they did to truck but it’s 2wd but vin pulls up w150 4x4. Cab is a 85 w150 custom
    1. 7mopar
      Do not have a spair but which harness? Engine or body.
      Jun 1, 2018
    2. Kendale k
      Kendale k
      Both are butchered and just rigged. So both engine and body
      Jun 4, 2018
  13. Mister Mechanic
  14. Bud
    Air condition issues 1800006 model under dash unit, compressor always staying on, causing ac diode to blow. Any ideas on how to solve issue?
  15. MoparsOnly
    Building Rock Crushing, Oval Stomping Mopars One at a Time!!!!
  16. MoparsOnly
    Stuck In Limbo
  17. PatrickLenihan
    Looking for a decent mechanic in Northern, IL to help me with my 1988 Dodge W150 318 short bed
  18. Richard Sweet
  19. Amos 33
    Amos 33
    Presently retired,
  20. Moparsteve
    Hello all, newby here. I'm Steve and I have a few truck project to get to in the future. A 54 Dodge Town Panel is one.
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