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  1. PatrickLenihan
    Looking for a decent mechanic in Northern, IL to help me with my 1988 Dodge W150 318 short bed
  2. Bad 408
    Bad 408
    Trying to figure where the truck picture went?
  3. Richard Sweet
  4. Amos 33
    Amos 33
    Presently retired,
  5. Moparsteve
    Hello all, newby here. I'm Steve and I have a few truck project to get to in the future. A 54 Dodge Town Panel is one.
  6. Lanz Mechanical
  7. BoostedLiLRed
    BoostedLiLRed bear
    Hey Bear, do you have a windshield for a 79?
  8. hemimeyer
    hemimeyer paul massaro
    1. paul massaro
      paul massaro
      no , but its a sweet one . just like my orangy when i got it , but mine was all orange . even the grille and bumpers . never had any white on it , my interior was off white . paul m
      Feb 27, 2018
  9. 89on35s
    My truck has been sitting too long. I can't wait to start enjoying it again!
  10. Philoctet
    All things are difficult before they are easy
  11. Allan4x4
    A little dirt never hurt (c)
  12. Francis
    Francis bear
    Hey bear i was wondering if you had the black door panels still?
  13. LocuMob
    LocuMob The Horvaths
    Where's the updates on this Power Wagons?
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    2. The Horvaths
      The Horvaths
      Don't worry, I'll post a lot this weekend/next week. :)
      Oct 4, 2017
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  14. rocknrik
  15. The Horvaths
  16. Tincup
    Tincup bear
    Hey Bear, were you at the Bridge Center show last weekend?
  17. jobrated_man
    Set aside the W200 to kind of clean up the 59 D100
  18. xenon
    Keep on truckin'
  19. warlockkid
    when i am 17 i plan on getting a 4 door 8"bed. i found one that is a 1978 with a 440 auto. anyone have any tips for me in what to look for?
    1. NoDakMopar
      Unless you have unlimited funds to spend on fuel, I'd be looking for a smaller engine. My dad had a 1974 3/4 ton with the 440 and auto and that sucker would get 8 mpg on a good day going downhill with a tail wind. His had something like a 4.10 rear gear ratio.
      Oct 2, 2017
  20. warlockkid
    I have a 1978 Dodge Warlock. I've been working on it since i was 12 and now i'm turning 16 in 3 weeks. Been a long process but worth it all.
    1. warlockkid
      it will have a 383 big block 2 wheel drive, drive train. cant figure out what kind of rims to put on it because i want 8 inch front rims and 10 inch back rims with kinda meaty tires not street tires. it will be only for cruising and car shows. i will park it ever winter.
      what would you guys recommend for rims and tires?
      May 24, 2017