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Whats the best Escape ever made and why?

OMG dude, thats a big time wake up call, I knew it was bad, but wow, I didnt know it was that bad. I also work on cars for a living (like you do) and of course we do the modifications on American products, and one thing I learned was, ASE stood for "Ask Someone Else", and yes I thought having a ASE certification was one f the main milestones that every serious tech should obtain so I got a master ASE certificate and the thing I learned was, the most of the ASE techs hardly knew jack (please dont be offended by my statement anyone, its just my .02 cents). And iam sure you are correct about how the Asian techs and procedures are so much more supportive and strict, as it makes total sense as to why the the product sells so well. And the be honest, I hear from people (techs) how much it sucks working at one of the "big 3" shops, especially how now you are only paid for the time you actually work and nowadays it really slow across the board as the "big 3" dealer shops are trying as hard as possible to get repairs from any type of vehicles, and I also keep hearing from my Snap-On guy how slow it is over there and how the techs are mostly just standing around and how many techs are not being able to make their payments, etc. I think the Americans have to really crack down and do something about thier services, etc. We have to stop sending our money over seas and spend it hre in America!!! And just in case anyone might think Im getting racial, iam Asian myself, born and raised in this great country and would never want to be any where else, I love America, and I would do anything for my country. So, I know this has gotten way off path (its my fault) but I think I did touch the subject about why we should all voice out concerns so that maybe one of the "big 3" hears our cries and to build something that even the Asian's would never think of and start buying more of our products!!! And I learned alot from you "ramenth", I took everything you said with appreciation and something of a learning curve. Thank you my brother!! : )
We've had an '05 Escape for about 3-4 years now, and we like it. My wife drives it the most, but I take it out once in a while, just to make sure everythings working OK. No major problems with it so far,save for a lousy power steering pump that was done under warranty. It just got off warranty about 6 months ago. We have over 100,000 k's on it, on the original Continental tires, and they're still going strong. They're getting a bit shy on tread depth, but I have a set of "takeoff" tires to install in the spring anyway.

Any Q's you have, I'll try and answer.

Hey 65Val,
Thanks for responding, I will take you up on that offer if we decide to grab one up.....I was also looking at the Focus's too and doing some research on those as well.....the weird thing is, when I was looking at those, the new focus popped up in the dealer lots and it looks like the new Fiesta's...and checking on the ratings for all these new models it seems Ford has screwed up big time...the reliability ratings has dropped Ford down and that has gotten me disappointed big time.....well....so, I started looking back into the '10 and older models again, and I understand the newer Escapes has a lot more refinements (including 6 speed auto trans, anti-roll over protection, etc.), so, it went back on my possible list of possibles...lol...........sorry for the long rant, but I know its going to be a Ford (because I rather push a Ford then drive anything else), but I want to make sure I know what im getting into...lol
Well, we took the Escape off the table of consideration for my wife's next vehicle. We've test drove eight (8) different Escapes, and while they all road nicely, they all seemed very comfortable around town, and they are the "right size", two things changed our minds about them. One I mentioned earlier in this thread; the A/C. In all eight test drives, the A/C simply failed to make it. I mentioned my son's Miata and my sister-in-law's Mazda 6 both having the same issue. The A/C just doesn't get cold enough.

According to two dealers, that's been a fairly common complaint, and there is no adjust that the dealerships can make to change it.
Living in the "deep South", that's a big issue, and by it's self enough of a problem to disqualify the Escape as my wife's next vehicle.

One of the Escapes we "tested" was a rental. We rented it here in Macon, Ga. and made a round trip to Tazwell, Va. on the West Va. line. About 500 miles, one way. We put about 1200 miles on the vehicle in 6 days (Sunday through Friday). For me it was an issue. I drive long distances in my trucks regularly, with out comfort issues or problems. Recent drives took me to Cincinnati, to New Mexico, New York, and Fargo. Sometimes clocking 20 hours of driving at a time. The recent trip to Va. in the Escape was torture. Next to a compact car, it was among the worse driving experiences I had in decades. Very uncomfortable little seats.

I'm not a fat guy, but I'm sort of a big guy (6'2" at 225 lbs.). So, no Escape for us.
Frankie....I'm about the same size as you (6"2", 235lbs.), and have had no problems driving our Escape. It's definitely not the smoothest riding vehicle I've owned, but,certainly wouldn't call it "torture".

Just my opinion......
Yea, I kinda agree with you 65Val, when my customers bring in their mustangs etc. for suspension mods, they sometimes ask if we can make the car ride smooth, etc. And my response to them is go buy a Cadillac, and I think its a given that the Escapes are actually SUV's and the ride is ging to be a on the rough side.
And I do have to agree with Frankie about the A/C systems in some Fords, because we also was
tinking about the Fusion's and we drove a bunch of them and the A/C was really warm, and yea, we really needed a good A/C system since im in Hawaii, the '05 Focus I have now is good (not greatest/Best) in the summer time here, and from what I heard about the Escapes they are not the best either. Gosh, come on Ford!!!!! What the hell, I got a bunch of Ford products in my stable and some other American brands too, and iam trying to go completely Ford, and you make the best muscle car out there (stang), and iam even considering a stang for my 'ol lady but I dont want to get that for her (dont want that phone call saying she has it wrapped around a tree) and mostly she is going to think: Oh great, another freaking stang for me to mod and make it undriveable for her, and yea, part of that is true because I cant help myself.....I go into this mental state and just cant help myself, so if I get something that aint worth modying
it keeps me from ending up on the couch...lol. Also, I know it aint right mentioning it here, but I have a Buick and Sebring too (Sebring for the 'ol lady) and they are really reliable, the buick had the usual repairs and the Sebring has been a trooper....So, come on Ford, lets do it right!!!!
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Frankie....I'm about the same size as you (6"2", 235lbs.), and have had no problems driving our Escape. It's definitely not the smoothest riding vehicle I've owned, but,certainly wouldn't call it "torture".

Just my opinion......

...and you're certainly entitled to your opinion, as I am mine. We disagree, and it's no big deal.

I can handle the ride and the cramped quarters of the Escape for about 2 or three hours. Driving it for 7-1/2 hours with one 15 minute fuel stop was, indeed torturous IN MY OPINION.

I have 2 Dodge Crew cab Diesels pick up, a GMC crew cab Pickup, a Ford Chateau Club Wagon. In each of these vehicles I've driven far longer distances without difficulty or fatigue. I can't say that about the Escape. The last three hours or so, of just an eight hour trip were, indeed painful for me. I've not experienced that in my other vehicles, including my 2 Dodge Darts ( which aren't known for their ergonomics). lol

But, since you own an Escape, I'm glad to hear that you don't have the same difficulty as do I. Salude'
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I like the pre-2012 Ford Escapes. I used to get Escapes each year before 2013. I just don't like the design. Before, the design was more box-y? In my opinion, the newer versions look like a bug.
IMHO this is the greatest escape made.....

If the Ford Escape in USA is also known as the Ford Territory in Australia/New Zealand, then I can tell you they have a few issues. My sister has one, and they are prone to rusting out on the seam where the body meets the front cowl, and also where the chassis meets the rear tail panel. Known problem down these parts. Ford Australia want nothing to do with it once the vehicle passes 5 years.....and they drag their heels when you make a claim.
My ex bought a new loaded Escape Platinum EcoBoost the last summer we were together, she didn't know we were getting a devorce and I knew I wasn't paying for it.;)
It was a quick little buggy!
Interesting thread! Choosing a new ride always sparks some lively discussions. Regarding the Ford Escape, it seems like the tire issues from the past might have left an impression. However, it's worth noting that every vehicle can have its quirks. On the bright side, recent models with anti-roll over assistance and improved interiors might address some concerns.

Ramenth, your insights into dealership support and training are eye-opening. It appears Hyundai's hands-on approach pays off in customer satisfaction. Wizwrath, your loyalty to American vehicles is commendable, and it's true – a strong American automotive comeback would be fantastic.

Let's keep the discussion rolling – any more thoughts on the Ford Escape or other contenders in the market?
I had a Ford Escape for a while myself, and while it's a decent car, it just wasn't the right fit for me. It felt a bit small, and I kept running into problems. In the end, I decided to go big and traded it in for a Ford Super Duty F450 Lariat. Let me tell you, it's a whole different world!

This truck is perfect for my big family. We have tons of space now, and it can handle anything we throw at it. Plus, it's surprisingly comfortable for long trips. Sure, it might not be the best choice for everyone, but for me, it's just what I needed!

If you're considering an Escape, it's a good idea to think about your needs and lifestyle. If you need a lot of space or have a big family, there might be better options out there. But hey, that's just my two cents