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Small block parts for trade


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Mar 13, 2022
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I have 3daks 88swb 96swb 03slt swb all manual trans v8 . I recently got 2 440's With trans running 50 k on them so I'm going to put one in my dak but they are stock rv motors and vefore I got them I have all the parts to build a 5.9 mag and aLA 360 . I have pie stg 1 eg heads new comp roller cam ,adj rol rok, tunnel ram and an air gap, shorty st st headers, dampner, gaskets, timing chain 3 key roller m dir con valve covers arp bolts ,so my new way to go is to trade as many parts as possible for big block stuff so if anyone is interested in trade or buy the parts as a set please contact me409 232-1400
what engine is the tunnel ram and the air gap manifolds fit ? and what brand are the roller rocker arms ? and what engine is the arp bolt kit for ?