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SOLD 1978 2wd adventurer for parts/no title/$1200

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May 14, 2019
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western ny on top of the hill
recently got this in trade and turns out the owner signed his name in the wrong place/as buyer.

and then,he moved to somewheres in florida....

which completely screwed me.
sold as is,with no title,$1200 Firm.

thats the only reason im selling as parts truck,because,this truck starts right up drives Very nicely on the road and stops too.

this is an absolutely beautiful truck for a 78.

super clean,very few dents and only the driver side door is rotty.

the cab is insanely nice.

even the bed is supernice,altho it does have two spots where the loader caught the bottom of bed corners.( thanks John ! )

and the usual rust starting over the wheelwells.

currently runs and drive and stops has No exhaust besides manifolds.

i repeat,,you will need an exhaust crossover pipe to drive this on the street it is Loud atm.

it has an Extremely healthy 318 2bbl with 727 trans that goes immediately into gear with a 3:23 rear gear.

the interior is also super nice,you just hardly ever see them this nice anymore.

the truck appears to have been tan from the factory,and was painted at an early age by a pretty damm good painter.

i have all the original documentation,including the original bill of sale from the dealership in 1978.

truck is originally from out west.

repairs needed.

the front bumper has a tiny chain hook dent in it that looks like it could be massaged back into place.

the fuel tank is Not delivering gas from the lines and currently has over $30 Fresh gas in it.

im running it off a front small tank atm.

the right rear drum brake shoes need to have the pins replaced.

the drivers side door needs some metal work and thats about it.

do not bother trying to lowball me,

i could part this out and make more money than what im asking.

i just need the room and want the truck gone in one piece.

pm for more pics or details and to come get it.

first one with Cash in hand takes it ...No Holds.
truck is located in springwater my 14560










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